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Hello all and happy new year!


I know its been a few months since I've posted in the Group Hub. Due to my busy grad school schedule and everything else going on in my life, I had to take a break from posting in the Group Hub. However I am back and also back with the first Monday Mental Health Check In of the year! 


For those of you who are new, the Monday Mental Health Check In is a time to reflect on how you are really feeling. I provide reflection questions as guidance to help you reflect and release your inner feelings. 


Todays Mental Health Check In is about Family 


I recently lost a close family member of mine and was reminded of the importance of cherishing moments with family and loved ones. With the ongoing global pandemic, this time is more important than ever to appreciate the people you have in your life. 



  • Describe your relationship with your immediate family or loved ones. Is it a positive or negative description?
  • Why is your relationship this way? 
  • In what ways would you like to change your relationships with your family or loved ones? 
  • Who is your favorite family member? 
  • In 2022, how do you plan to cherish your family and loved ones more?

I know that family does not look the same for everyone and everyone does not have a traditional family, so answer these questions according to who you consider to be family in your life. As always, feel free to leave your reflection to any of the questions in the comment section below. 


Moving forward in 2022, there will be two posts a month: 1 Monday Mental Health Check In and 1 Discussion post on a social justice or pop culture related topic. Topic suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to leave them in the comment section below or send me a direct message.