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How to use Idea Exchange 


Have an idea? Share it in the Idea Exchange!  Head over to the idea exchange and click “Suggest an idea”.  Start typing the subject of your idea in the “Subject” field. If there is an existing post on your idea consider reviewing and responding to that before creating a new one. In the body, explain your idea in further detail, you can use tags and add a photo to your idea exchange as well. Then post your idea! You can Rév an idea you like to boost it or post a comment under it!


How to use Q&A


To start a Q&A post, start typing a question in the “type your question here field” if an existing Q&A is there for your question consider searching for answers there first, if not click continue to create your question. Put your question in the subject line and explain it further using the body section. Use labels or tags to make your question filterable. Feel free to add a photo too, if you'd like! 


You can Rev questions or answers but not your own.  When you get an answer that you like, you can mark it as the solution to your question!


To answer a question go to the question you would like to answer and click “answer”. You can also comment or like other community member’s answers to boost their responses.


We encourage you to make this community your own. Use it as a resource, a launching pad, a place to find your team, supporters, coalition and more. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!