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Happy New Year + Community Check-In: What do you want to see from us in 2022?


Happy New Year!! We built Révolutionnaire for you and the causes you care about and have had such an incredible time since launching this platform in June.


But, there is so much more to come! With new causes, content, groups, events, resources, service initiatives, ways to engage with your community, and more - 2022 will be jam-packed.


We want to kick off the year by checking in with you and ask what do you want to see from Révolutionnaire in 2022?


Comment below! 💫


Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

I’m looking forward to making the most of recharge resources! I’m also excited to see some new causes come online, especially as related to access to education. Also looking forward to listening in on more Instagram lives! Those have been awesome. 

Hi Zoé! We're excited to continue building our Recharge Library and to start publishing content on education equity with the support of our team members and partner orgs. More to come with IG Lives and a new events feature right here in Rév 💫

Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

Happy New Year!!! I have been hearing a lot about displaced families from Afghanistan who are taking refuge in the US and other countries so I wonder if there is any kind of way that we can help? Maybe setting up a donation drive or teaming up with organizations that are already helping displaced families.