Mexican President Rejects Environmentalism

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On Monday, March 21st- President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke at his daily morning press conference from which he decided to publicly lash out against the protests of many environmentalists. Throughout his conference, President Lopez Obrador angrily lashes out to the audience since there have been many protests concerning the plan of cutting down a small jungle between Cancun and Tulum to build a tourist train site that extends beyond. In this, he tries to ruin the reputation of many by saying,  "They convince or they hire performers, fake environmentalists who supposedly are defending the environment, and they start a campaign against the Train" (Pres. Obrador). 


President Lopez Obrador views the "Maya Train" project as a major milestone in his administration since it will connect the Yucatan Peninsula to the resorts of the Caribbean coast to other major archaeological sites along with the islands. However, he ignores that those areas are home to major Indigenous communities, jungles, and a span of important wildlife. Not only this, but it poses major environmental destruction as most of the area is covered with "cenotes" meaning caverns and sinkhole lakes that provide the area's water flow. As well, it would pose a major risk for the project itself and potentially risk the lives of many since the structure is uncleared in that certain area for the moving of the ground. 


This is not the only time that President Lopez Obrador has gone under fire for his stance on environmentalism, back in November 2021 he gave a decree that gives the approval that the government can build anything they want based on "national interest" or that involves "national security." From this, there has been little to no regulation on what gets built and it sidesteps all environmental, accountability, and feasibility processes to the side. Showcasing his stance to the environment. 




Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

This is such a travesty -- and I had no idea about this situation. Eager to learn more. Thank you for sharing @Lperez

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