What Piece Stood Out To You Recently?

Visionary I

"We are not victims-we are victors, the greatest predictors of progress. We press for change, we push on and act on our responsibility to bring visibility to the most vulnerable, to bring freedom to those who didn't have a choice, to bring volume to those who dare to use their voice." (An excerpt from Amanda Gorman's 'Vital Voices' poem). It is an absolute blessing to have the ability to inspire others with our vital voices and create a chain movement, fellow change makers.

"So let it be said: that light will be shed when our world is led by leaders ahead of the headlines."


Share an excerpt from an inspirational piece that stuck with you that you would like to share!😃


Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

Thank you for this bit of joy! I love this thread -- I recently came across this quote by Mel Robbins and visit it frequently during moments of doubt or anxiety. 


What if it all works out? No, seriously. What if it all works out? What you think matters. Instead of considering the worst case scenario - how about you consider the best. Believe it. Work for it. And it will.

My pleasure Kamille! I appreciate your sharing.