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Climate Change: Our Earth is Running Out of Time

Written By: Havillyn Felder


Climate change is the shift of traditional weather patterns. It happens as a result of human activities and global warming. We can see Climate Change through hurricanes or tsunamis being more dangerous than in the past or a typically drier climate now getting rain more regularly. Many things can lead to climate change; naturally, the Earth is continuously changing. However, when human behavior alters the Earth's climates, the damages are enormous. 


Although one may assume that the Earth's temperature rise is not a big deal, the increase in temperature can cause glaciers and ice to melt, leading to rises in sea levels. Extreme weather conditions, which have occurred globally, directly correlate with human activities resulting in global warming and climate change. An example of this is the 2020 Hurricane Season, the busiest season on record, with 29 named storms. The Union of Concerned Scientists notes that "there has been an increase in intense hurricane activity since the 1970s" and that "there may not necessarily be more hurricanes, but there will be more intense hurricanes… as a result of global warming." This means that winds will be stronger and that there will be more precipitation, which leads to more flooding and destruction. The Hurricane Season records track over 170 years of storms, with this past season having the highest number of storms, an extremely alarming indication that we need to start changing our ways immediately.


In addition to this, a significant part of climate change is humans' mass consumption of energy. Almost everything we do requires power that derives from oil, gas, and coal. When we burn these items to produce the energy that we need, the gases begin to heat and pollute our air, ultimately leading to ozone depletion, which impacts our various climates' wellbeing.


Our beloved Earth is inhabited by various creatures that depend on the stability of their climate for their mere existence. We owe it to ourselves and to the other wildlife to take care of our home. Although it would take many years for our climate to recover, there are plenty of impactful things that we can do right now to help. For example, consider having a green commute, limiting the amount of energy your household uses, recycling, or switching to renewable energies. To help do your part, conserve energy as much as possible: turn off lights, unplug devices, switch to renewable energy sources, have a greener commute and regularly recycle.



  • Climate change is a shift in natural weather patterns and can occur as a result of global warming. Human activity is responsible for these shifts.
  • Climate change is extremely damaging to all life forms and we can’t wait any longer to take action, as some damages are irreversible.
  • Find creative ways to conserve energy and your household's energy usage.

To access and sign the petition to demand that the White House declare a climate change emergency, click "Go to Petition".









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