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Révolutionnaire Team

​​When it comes to our world, we as humans grow up with the ideology that “the world is our oyster” and we have the chance to do something progressive in our society. However, as the decades pass and years increase, the ideology has shifted towards “every man for themselves” and the subsequent 一 deterioration of our planet. Notwithstanding this reality, we as humans have the responsibility to take charge and start revolutions in our communities and society.


Upon research for a targeted project, I had the wonderful chance to learn about five extraordinary beings who are changing the world step-by-step. As I looked through countless articles and a certain amount of sleuthing, I came to the realization that each of these young environmentalists have something unique, their purpose. You might be wondering, what is exactly their “purpose” if they are just stating facts or more-so, leading a revolution that has already been ignited. To answer your question, the truth is that many of these environmentalists started off just like us, young people learning about our environment and from this, seeing things we knew that had to change.




It should be noted that, 19-year-old Climate activist and Operations & Logistics Director for Zero Hour 一 Elsa Mengistu is a wonderful example of someone whose purpose is to advocate for human rights and climate change. As she notes , “The very same systems that are leading us to the brink of extinction are the same systems that create injustices everywhere.” Upon reflection it really made me sit and wonder the countless ways that injustices are created and nonetheless, connected to the negligence of certain governmental controls. At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves, if the world is changing, why aren’t we?


We, as humans, have the ability to fuel uprisings and to turn our dreams into realities, not only this but to bring advocacy for many causes and issues. While there are numerous perspectives on helping out and helping our society altogether, many share a simple reflection: DREAMS FUEL REVOLUTIONS. In this, dreams are the pathway to starting change and ultimately, bringing revolutions to life. It all starts with your purpose and how you would like to become involved, or possibly be THAT CHANGE.