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Improper Waste Management

  Improper Waste Management By: Emilie Baliozian Waste management refers to the ways we manage and dispose of waste. Typically operated by a local regulatory framework, it includes processes such as c...


Intensive Animal Farming

Intensive Animal Farming By: Emilie Baliozian Industrial livestock production is a type of intensive animal farming designed to maximize the production of meat and poultry products while minimizing th...


Why 2022 is an Important Year for Climate Change

In 2022, one of the primary sources of worry remains the climate crisis. As populations, economies, and standards of living grow, so does the cumulative level of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the...


Holiday Returns and its Toll on the Environment

Holiday Returns and its Toll on the Environment Written by Rebecca Wang During this locked-down holiday season, retailers are making it easier than ever for customers to shop online. Expanding the shi...


Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion By: Emilie Baliozian Fast fashion is a business model focused on rapidly and massively producing clothing in response to the latest trends. The idea is to replicate catwalk trends and hig...


Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels For the past 150 years, our sea levels have slowly risen. Global warming is one of the biggest problems associated with Climate Change, and this warming is causing our sea levels to ...


Indigenous Environmental Justice

Indigenous Environmental Justice In the United States, Indigenous groups have lived on the lands for thousands of years, long before any European Settlement. The United States government has forced In...


Air Pollution

By: Emilie Baliozian Air pollution is the presence of particles and gases in the atmosphere that can be harmful to humans, other living beings, and the environment. These particles and gases come from...


Global Warming's Impact in 2021

An Update on Global Warming's Impact in 2021 By: Emilie Baliozian Global warming is the rapid increase of the average surface temperature on Earth due to a large concentration of greenhouse gases in t...