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Meet A Revolutionary: Meghan Yuri Young


On Episode 3 of Meet A Revolutionary in collaboration with Roots, we speak to Meghan Yuri Young - a wellness advocate, amplifier and storyteller. 


She not only writes, speaks and hosts, she also produces, consults and mentors. With a focus on art initiatives and the mental health community — the latter through the founding of The Sad Collective, her goal is to promote happier, healthier lifestyles as well as awareness and activism.


As Meghan shares with us, The Sad Collective is a community who firmly believes in the power of vulnerability. They believe in the freedom of crying, the strength in admitting we’re not always fine and the courage to seek support when it’s needed. Not only does The Sad Collective strive to be a safe space for emotional expression, but they also hope to become a catalyst for conversation, with the goal of bringing mental health to the forefront of social consciousness.


To support The Sad Collective’s SOFT Fund (Sad’s Opportunity for Therapy), click the donate button below.