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Tactic 101s | Protests: 


Protesting is not just about the outcry, the facedown with opposition, nor the concerned look of those passing by in their vehicles. It is about the resolve, the outcome, and a goal. Listed below are a few things to consider and implement when planning and executing an effective protest. 


Purpose of a Protest 

There are a plethora of reasons to protest. Some stem from direct harm being implemented on a particular group of people and others stem from indirect harm. It is a contest to the idea or concept in a manner that is wide scale and public. Other purposes include:

  • Allowing groups that have been silenced to share their experience and provide insight on how others can join their fight 
  • Gets spirits high on the journey of change 
  • Facilitated outcome of a wider scale 
  • Puts the power in the community 


At least three weeks out

  • Have marshals (individuals who contain and protect protest-goers on all corners they are exposed) selected 
  • Confirm the area you will be marching or taking up space in - Think of your time and day as well/ Be alert on weather because your goal is to maximize attendance 
  • Invite through email all of the community leaders, elected officials, etc. that you would like to speak to motivate and show solidarity with the crowd 
  • Check to see if there is a bail fund set in place within your city


At least two weeks out 

  • Have flyers circulate through social media and throughout the city you reside in 
  • Contact trusted media outlets that you know will not skew or tamper with your message 


At least one week out 

  • Continue pushing the protest on social media and answering any questions that may arise 
  • Optional: Confirm with guest speakers if they will be in attendance and preface what they will be touching on 
  • Have a meeting with all those volunteering with food, water, and miscellaneous supplies 


Day before 

  • Breathe, remind yourself of why this fight means so much to you. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable and build your confidence
  • Take a ride with your marshals to survey the area you will be protesting in, be aware of everything near you 
  • Keep pushing on social media heavily 
  • Share why you will be there and what that means to you on your social media as well


Day of (before) 

  • Thank and explain to all those in attendance why it is important that they are there and the route that you all will take 


Day of (after) 

  • Again, thank everyone for coming and create an email list to share when other engagements will be taking place 
  • Optional: Share the protest on social media to mobilize and get more people out there 
  • Take time for yourself and be intentional with your time. Decompress.