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Welcome to our Fundamentals of Organizing Hub! 


This collection of resources will serve to supplement the actions that Révolutionnaire members can take and create. As we continue to build out this collection, we will share an introduction that includes an order in which these resources can be used as a self- or group-training guide, but users may choose to skip around and use resources as they become particularly relevant or supplement prior learning. 


This non-exhaustive collection represents a launchpad for members with an introduction to organizing principles, strategies, and tactics. It also includes references to organizations with open-source content and organizations that provide trainings with an emphasis on those that are free. We also encourage our members to seek localized resources and consider how the ideas exchanged on Révolutionnaire may be adapted to fit local campaigns and circumstances. 


Always feel free to share your own ideas, resources, feedback, and questions in our Idea ExchangeLounge, Q&A, and Cause Hubs! If there are any resources you want to see, let us know in the comments below.