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 Photo courtesy of @Lethan 


How to Host a Community Cleanup

by: @Nia 


Littering is a common issue that leads to water pollution, land pollution and air pollution. Click here to learn more about Air Pollution and click here to learn more about Water Pollution. Litter also poses a chocking hazard for animals who are unaware of the dangers of consuming these items. Hosting a community cleanup is a great way to bring friends together and serve your community. 


Here’s how you can make it happen!


  1. Invite friends: Ask friends to join you in a community cleanup. Inform them about the harm caused by littering and share the benefits associated with doing a community cleanup. 
  2. Gather the following items: Below are the items that you will need to post a community cleanup. Consider asking friends to pitch in to help support the costs of these items.
    1. Garbage Bags 
    2. Gloves 
    3. Additional Masks 
    4. Litter Pickers for each participant 
  3. Identify a place and time to host your community cleanup 
    1. The best time to do a community cleanup is during the day when it’s bright outside. Consider planning for a weekend and encouraging friends to join you. 
    2. Around your neighbourhood, local park, school campus, beach, etc. are great locations to set up a community cleanup
  4. Have a list handy of items that are Recyclable and separate the recyclable items from the non-recyclable 
    1. Commonly found recyclable items include: Plastic bottles, metal cans, Pepper or plastic bags, bottle caps, stirrers, and cardboard. 
  5. Take a picture: Snap a picture with the trash that you collected and share it in the comments below to inspire more people to do a community cleanup.
  6. Appropriately dispose of the trash and recyclables that you cleaned up: A large dumpster is a good option, if one isn’t close-by, drop of the trash at your local trash disposal depot.