Visionary I


There are moments where we believe that change is happening. That there is a shift taking place and Canadians are finally willing to look at the truth of our history and the truth of the reality of Indigenous Peoples today.


Then there are moments like this ....


CBC reported June 18th, just two months ago, that Grade 10 students taking an on-line course in Nova Scotia about First Nations were asked to list the "benefits" of Residential Schools. Here is the exact wording:


  • Create a chart like the one below and from the article list the benefits and disadvantages of being placed in a residential school.

Students were also asked "Why are poverty and alcoholism common problems among First Nations populations?" and "Why is unemployment high among First Nations people?"


Other schools have ask for similar assignments. In Nov. 2020, Gr. 6 students at a middle school in Abbotsford, BC were asked to:


  • Write at least 5+ positive stories/facts about the residential schools from three different websites


As hundreds of Indigenous children are found buried on Residential school grounds isn't it time we start educating Canadians, both young and old, about the TRUTH of our history?