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To best understand Systemic Racism, formal definitions are not necessary. I say this because most times, these definitions are the results of people trying to reduce this phenomenon to one or two sentences, which does not accurately depict what this term represents. In order to actively identify & combat these issues, it’s important to understand what they are and what form they take place in current practice. Since Systemic Racism & remnants from a slavery society are present in every structure of our lives, effectively understanding it is a process for People Of Color and non’s alike. This series is to bring you real life examples of what Systemic Racism is in America, and what it used to be, in hopes of fostering more effective & informed methods to dismantle Systemic Racism in our daily lives and respective fields.


VIDEO:  ‘What is systemic racism in America?’ attempts to demystify what Systemic Racism is and brings a much needed perspective to the forefront.