Contributor III

Art by Nainika Kumar.Art by Nainika Kumar.

 Art by @nainikakumar.

Over the past two months, superego has been on a publishing break to help us develop our growth strategy. As a youth-powered movement, we recognize that the platform we are building will take time. As superego's founder and director, I tell myself that revolutions take time; that Rome wasn't built in a day; and all the other sayings that creatives say when developing something unique.


This article on our Medium is a quick update from myself and the humans behind superego.


We felt it was necessary to tell our readers that we remain committed to publishing young writers, creators, and thinkers. As we plan the future of superego, we're looking for creative problem-solvers to build our movement. If you're a writer, artist, storyteller, or young leader, superego wants to publish YOU! If you're interested in collaborating, send me a message on Rev, or email an essay pitch to!