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Calling all writers, thinkers, and visionaries: superego wants to publish you! superego is a publication about social change written by and for young people. Our editorial team is composed of young writers who work with our contributors to shape essays that will impact the narrative surrounding your topic of passion.



Narratives are very important to superego’s editorial team, as we aim to be the premier publication that empowers Gen Z to take control of our own narratives. We believe in the power of storytelling to drive change, make societal impact, and heal traumas. Thus, superego is a safe and productive space to share stories rooted in passion--whether that’s a research project, personal narrative, or a reflection on cultural forces.




superego’s Submission Guidelines are relatively simple--and open to your interpretation! To learn more about our guiding principles in publishing, read our Manifesto




If you have an idea to write about, send us a 1-2 paragraph pitch to! This is essentially an ‘abstract’ of your essay and thesis, which helps superego’s editorial team anticipate topics and understand your essay’s argument. 




Once your pitch is accepted, we will request a longer draft of your essay. Our process typically includes 2 rounds of edits to ensure we are publishing a comprehensive story. superego aims to revolutionize the digital publishing industry, and we do this through our collaborative, open, and intimate editing process with writers. 




Our editorial team is looking forward to reading submissions from the Révolutionnaire community! superego believes that each voice we publish advances our movement to unlock the power of young writers, artists, and visionaries.