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Welcome to superego! We are a publication produced by and written for young people, highlighting our accomplishments and responsibilities as a generation of leaders and changemakers. superego is on a mission to inspire young people to engage in today’s most pressing conversations and spark positive change. We publish our articles on Medium, a digital publishing platform driven to support nuance, complexity, and vital storytelling. Below is our Manifesto of superego’s views and intentions. We look forward to connecting with this community of social changemakers!


superego Manifesto


  1. superego values independent will and free thought. We are valuable products of the institutions and spaces that we have come from. Now, our work is to invest our learned experiences into dialogues about the structural forces of oppression that perpetuate inequalities in our world.
  2. superego empowers and publishes diverse voices to start and facilitate social, political, and cultural conversations. We aim to recognize and voice the rights that all human beings are entitled to and not spend too much time justifying that.
  3. We trust, value, and lift the lived experiences of others. We publish perspectives that are honest, raw, and real; we believe that all lived experiences warrant authority.
  4. We publish educated, fact-based, and history-informed arguments, focusing on quality intellect over quantities of content.
  5. We recognize our privileges, and we seek to develop and practice equitable thinking in our work and in our lives.
  6. We are students of life. We will never be done learning, and thus, we challenge and question the problems of the world, and offer our perspectives on how we can collectively improve our ways of life.
  7. We believe in the creative potential of Generation Z to create solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.
  8. We believe that misinformed thoughts and prejudices can change with effective discourse.
  9. We believe in the power of art to drive social change. We believe that if an individual makes their work into passionate art, society will be greatly enhanced.
  10. We value diversity in thought. In a world where individualism and collectivism remain polarized, we aim to create a space for conversation and healthy discourse.