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superego’s first month in review


It’s superego’s one month anniversary! Since launching, we have had the pleasure of editing the work of ten brilliant young writers. It’s hard to enter the publishing sphere as a young writer, and it is even harder to get published while still sharing personal, vulnerable stories. In our first month, superego has provided a safe space for young writers to share their most personal stories and most demanding calls for change. We want to take a moment to revisit the incredible stories shared with us and the exciting partnerships we’ve just begun.


New this week


A middle child’s call for a middle party


A middle child, a Black man in Texas, and the son of a Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Jefferson knows what it feels like to exist in the nefarious spaces of the inbetween. In his first essay for superego, Sam reminds us that change happens when opposing sides see each other through, and in America, we need to create a new middle ground between our political parties. 


My people are on the brink of extinction. It’s time America understands why.


Assyrians have faced persecution and exploitation since 2500 BC, but in the last century, the Assyrian people have lost their homes and are on the brink of extinction. Demarco Shango walks us through Assyrians’ long history of persecution, and reminds us that we must hold the western world accountable for their meddling in the Middle East. 


This past month


Blame it on Liberalism


superego’s Values Director Patricia Freitag writes that our focus on individualism, and our continual conquest of nature, has led to liberalism perpetuating its own demise. 


The climate threat demands an end to individualism


In similar strokes, contributor Troy Distelrath argues that climate action must be taken collectively in order to save our planet and communities from irreversible damage. 


I have experienced racism and anti-Asian hate since I was a child, and it’s only getting worse as I ...


Hate crimes against Asian Americans have skyrocketed in the pandemic. Writer Lily Rzepkowski reminds that these painful, racist acts of harm and violence have gone on far longer than the past year.


America’s Endless Rat Race 


superego’s Creative Director Nainika Kumar reflects on the never-ending race to success the American higher education system, her peers, and parents have furthered for her as an international student. 


“An Ordinary Age” Pushes Gen Z to Stop Forcing Exceptional 


Culture Contributor Maggie Little reviews Rainesford Stauffer’s new book, ​​An Ordinary Age: Finding Your Way in a World That Expects Exceptional and reminds us that it’s okay to take a break from being exceptional. 



superego x Mission Menstruation


We are excited to announce our partnership with Mission Menstruation (MM), a grassroots organization advocating for better access to free emergency period products on college campuses. You can learn more about this organization in our interview with their founders.


superego interviews INTRO Magazine 


We sit down with INTRO’s founders and discuss the launch of their new magazine, and the next steps they will take to create a community-minded space for young artists to thrive. 


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