Sustainability and Climate Change

Contributor III

In 2015, the UN announced the Sustainability Development Goals, where countries around the world were to achieve 15 goals by 2030. At the time it give countries a means to identify some pressing issues. Ironically, some countries will have different pressing issues than others. But many countries were face with a global crisis called Climate Change. Climate Change is evident today, it is seen in the unprecedented weather patterns that the world is facing; case in point, the bush fire taking place in Canada. But even with the zero carbon movement there is little change that took place in actually it seem climate wise things have gotten worst. The idea  of having a more sustainable world is not impossible, and countries such as the Caribbean nations must take both a preventives and a reactive approach as these nations are most like to be affected by climate change, not just environmentally, but also economically. You really can't have a tourism industry without beaches. Nevertheless we know that that achieving the goals by 2030 was impossible but we see significant changes in nations such as Denmark, Sweden and even Singapore making headway in making a difference and becoming more Green Economy. The question is what examples can we take from these nations in being better prepared in achieving the goals?