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Black Capitalism Will Not Save Us, and Baldwin Agrees

After being asked about optimism within the black community on The Cavett Show on May 16th of 1969, James Baldwin’s response held a statement that instilled me with the fervor that many of his generat...


The Future of Black Mental Health

As the topic of mental health takes the spotlight in mainstream media, there is a specific community left out of the conversation. As more Americans open up about their mental health struggles and men...


Define: Reparation for the Black Community

Reparations, in their most absolute form, "serve to acknowledge the legal obligation of a state, or individual(s) or group, to repair the consequences of violations — either because it directly commit...


From across the tracks

From across the tracks By: Lamarrius Danley The Bees To begin, I did not start at L.R Jackson. I began school at Mildred Jackson in a smaller town: Hughes, Arkansas. I moved to West Memphis after kind...


Racial Inequality in Education

Racial Inequality in Education By: Ally Smith Education is the foundation that lays out the necessary steps for us to be successful. It’s the determiner in college decisions and if you’re in trouble w...


The Foundation, The Inspiration, The Black Women

The Foundation, The Inspiration, The Black Women By: Lamarrius Danley A post on the resilient and powerful essences of the black women, and their many obstacles. Although the odds have not been in the...


My Experience With Racism in Sylvania (OH) Schools

After almost nine years of living in Sylvania I have finally been able to ask myself some important questions in regards to my time here. Questions I was too afraid to ask myself while I still lived h...


Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”

When Do The Right Thing hit American theaters in 1989, it was deemed the most controversial film of the year. The clashing perspectives that were depicted within the movie left everyone with an opinio...


White Violence: A Response To Black Advancement

White Violence: A Response To Black Advancement Written By Jayden Bolden The 13th amendment ended slavery in December of 1865, freeing the rest of the enslaved individuals whom were not freed by the E...


On Reparations

Reparations The case of reparations has been argued back and forth since the abolition of slavery in the New World. The idea is not as far-fetched as some may make it seem. Immediately after slavery w...


Proximity - A Three Poem Series

Proximity Part I for Justin M. Proximity is a strange thing in my city To privilege To death To water and health To only kind-of knowing those who are gone but knowing so many who were so close. Polic...


Juneteenth: Virtual Exhibit

Juneteenth: Virtual Exhibit By: Camille Ward Follow this link for a virtual exhibit in celebration of Juneteenth including the Story of Juneteenth, art pieces, interviews, and more. Then join the conv...


Racial Trauma Healing Guide

The healing process is universal and the world we live in doesn't make it any easier. Here are a few things that may put you at ease! Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Vulnerability is difficult o...