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YCI Activist Spotlight: Andrea Gonzales

YCI Activist Spotlight: Andrea Gonzales By: Madina Amber Andera Alejandra Gonzales [she/her] is a phenomenal Queer, Mestiza youth activist who I was delighted to talk to about what it’s like to be an ...


Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue By: Hannah Ravenell Public Health can be defined as a science encompassing and prioritizing, health and safety interests of the general public, and the subsequent...


Gun Usage and Domestic Violence

Gun Usage and Domestic Violence By: Hannah Ravenell Domestic Violence is best defined as behavior occurring in the context of a relationship used to “gain or maintain power and control over an intimat...


Background Checks

Background Checks Every day, 100 Americans die by gun violence; many people through domestic and intimate partner violence, some by suicide, others by gang violence and mass shootings. There are more ...


Repealing "Stand Your Ground Laws"

Repealing "Stand Your Ground Laws"   Since 2005, 25 states including Texas, Georgia, and Florida (see complete list below) have passed a “Stand Your Ground Law” in all parts of the country (source). A...


Community-Based Violence Intervention Programs

Community-Based Violence Intervention Programs Gun violence is a societal issue that has plagued various communities. The United States alone records almost 13,000 gun homicides annually. Implementing...


Assault Weapons

Assault Weapons By: Leah Brown-Schneck In gun safety legislation and narratives, we often hear the phrase “assault weapons.” There is a wide disagreement about how assault weapons are generally used i...


Gun Violence Research Funding

Gun Violence Research Funding The Centre for Disease Control reports that in 2019, 39,707 people died from firearm-related deaths. With a continued increase in gun violence year-over-year, many are ca...


Federal Licensing for Firearms

Federal Licensing for Firearms By: Leah Brown-Schneck Comparison of federal licensing for firearms between Canadian and U.S law reveals a large gap in willpower to save lives. Generally, Canadian law ...


Ghost Guns

Ghost Guns By: Justice Faith Ghost guns or unserialized weapons are firearms that can be self-assembled, and by definition do not have serial numbers. They can be purchased as kits or separate parts o...


Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings By Kamille John Mass shootings have become a shocking part of reality. It is now quite common to tune into news outlets, only to be apprised of yet another senseless act of violence, th...

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