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Drastic Approaches To Justice

Drastic Approaches To Justice Animal and climate activists are joining forces! Global warming will continue to be a top issue until our actions are consistent with our words and needs. Roger Hallam, t...


Improper Waste Management

  Improper Waste Management By: Emilie Baliozian Waste management refers to the ways we manage and dispose of waste. Typically operated by a local regulatory framework, it includes processes such as c...


Intensive Animal Farming

Intensive Animal Farming By: Emilie Baliozian Industrial livestock production is a type of intensive animal farming designed to maximize the production of meat and poultry products while minimizing th...


The Source of Pollution Nobody Talks About

The Source of Pollution Nobody Talks About By: Sophene Avedissian Every year, women spend around $2.8 billion on pads and tampons. These disposable menstrual care products can take between 500 and 800...


Natural Resource Depletion

Natural Resource Depletion  By: Emilie Baliozian Natural resource depletion is the consumption of a natural resource faster than it can be replenished. Due to an increasing global population and an in...


Waste in Time: Looking at Industrial Waste

Waste in Time It takes a lot to keep the world running including technology, science, and industry. And while these employ useful components, eventually those components become industrial waste – “any...


Youth Indigenous Voices Panel

Want to support Indigenous communities and help fight climate change? An international team of youth-led climate organizations, headed by Canadian Youth Climate Action Team and HNP Ontario, is organiz...


Why 2022 is an Important Year for Climate Change

In 2022, one of the primary sources of worry remains the climate crisis. As populations, economies, and standards of living grow, so does the cumulative level of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the...


Breaking down the 6th IPCC Climate Report

As you may have seen in one of the many recent articles plastered with images of the world burning, the UN backed International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the first version of its 6th...


Holiday Returns and its Toll on the Environment

Holiday Returns and its Toll on the Environment Written by Rebecca Wang During this locked-down holiday season, retailers are making it easier than ever for customers to shop online. Expanding the shi...


The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal By: @Hannah The Green New Deal is a proposed bill in the United States House of Representatives. You’ve probably seen it in the news recently, but may not know what the proposal ent...


If the World is Changing, Why aren't We?

​​When it comes to our world, we as humans grow up with the ideology that “the world is our oyster” and we have the chance to do something progressive in our society. However, as the decades pass and ...


5 ways covid-19 helps us tackle climate change

By: Emilie B. The coronavirus is opening our eyes to many realities. Here are five lessons to take away from this crisis that better prepare us to deal with climate change: The role of the government ...


Land Degradation

Land Degradation By Emilie Baliozian Land degradation refers to decline in the health and productive capacity of the land. There are both human and natural causes of soil degradation. Natural causes i...


Carbon Emissions

CO2 Emissions By Emilie Baliozian CO2 emissions are the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are both natural and human sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Natural sources come from o...



The Big Chop – Causes and Effects of Deforestation By Kamille John We all cherish having a place to call home, somewhere we can lay our heads down and feel safe. Sadly, many plants and animals cannot ...