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A collection of individual acts can be transformative. We've centralized a collection of action items for you to make a donation, contact a representative, find a volunteer opportunity, and more.
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Donate: The Trayvon Martin Foundation

The Trayvon Martin Foundation was established by the parents of Trayvon Martin and is a nonprofit organization that provides emotional and financial support to families who have lost a child to gun vi...


Donate: March For Our Lives

Donate to March For Our Lives to support and center the people and communities most impacted by gun violence March For Our Lives is on a mission to harness the power of young people across the United ...


Donate: Youth Over Guns

Donate to Youth Over Guns to support youth leading the fight to end gun violence Youth Over Guns, is a youth-led advocacy group, formed by students of color shortly after the mass shooting in Parkland...


Volunteer: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  Volunteer with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) Founded in 1978, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is the oldest grassroots domestic violence organization. NCA...


Nominate Your City for an Advance Peace Fellowship

Advance Peace is dedicated to ending cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in American urban neighborhoods. They invest in the development, health, and wellbeing of those at the center of this crisis....


Donate: The Health Alliance for Violence Prevention

Donate to HAVI to support investments in public health approaches to heal systemic and interpersonal violence HAVI envisions a system of healthcare that mobilizes hospitals and communities to end viol...


Donate: Everytown for Gun Safety

  Donate to Everytown to support gun violence prevention efforts in America Everytown is the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. They are a movement of more than 6 million mayors,...