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How are you? The Révolutionnaire platform serves as a space for you to share what’s going on, where we will: hear you, help you through difficult times, and cheer you on. Let us know: how you feel going into midterms, how you’re feeling about work, w...

Shamona by Contributor III
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Truth and Reconciliation: Residential Schools in Canada

Let us acknowledge some privileges we may have, such as the freedom to speak our native languages, to learn and practice our culture, and not be bounded by uniforms and Slavic treatment— these are all blessings to us. While Indigenous children were t...

Shamona by Contributor III
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Safe Harbor Laws

Safe Harbor Laws allow some level of criminal immunity to sexual assault victims, especially minors. Iowa is one of several states in the U.S. that does not have such laws in place. Because of this, Pieper Lewis, 17 was sentenced to 5 years of superv...

eggs by Contributor II
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Get $5000 to accelerate your environmentalism project!

Check out this grant opportunity from The Global HEY Climate Fund for young environmentalists to receive $5000 in support of their idea related to Climate Change and Health, Climate Change and Gender, Climate Advocacy or Climate Entrepreneurship. If ...

KamilleJ by Révolutionnaire Team
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Urgency Culture Harms Progressive Ideals

Hi Revolutionnaire Community! I wanted to raise up some reflections I've had recently about urgency and perfectionist culture. In the last year, I joined the board of a political organization with a mission to champion intersectional feminism. I lear...

Chavezs by Contributor III
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