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COP28: Hope for a Sustainable Future

Taking action on climate change is super important right now, especially with COP28, the 28th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, happening in Dubai. As the Earth heats up and crazy weather happens more often, it's crucial for us to act quic...


A Green Beat for Mother Nature's Safety Brazil's Amazon Fund

Brazil has made a game-changing move by granting an unprecedented 65 million dollars from the Amazon Fund to strengthen the enforcement of the Amazon rainforest, an unparalleled treasure trove, in a huge leap towards environmental protection. It's a ...

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Peru's Vanishing Glaciers: A Race Against Time

Peru's recognizable glaciers in the magnificent Andes are gradually melting, with far-reaching effects that go well beyond national boundaries. The rapid melting of glaciers is a global warning indicator of the environmental problems we confront, not...

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Reproductive Justice: Texas' Latest Attack on Abortion Rights

Texas counties are trying to stop people from traveling out of Texas to get abortions. They're passing laws that would let private citizens sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion. It's the same legal trick Texas used to ban most abortions. Thes...

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