Taliban Bans Women From Working With The United Nation

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What Happened?


The UN directed its Afghanistan personnel to avoid its offices due to the Taliban's ban on female aid workers. The ban is an extension of a previous one that prohibited Afghan women from working for NGOs, which the UN considers a discriminatory measure.


The Taliban has restricted women and girls' participation in most areas of public and daily life in Afghanistan. Female UN staff have faced movement restrictions, harassment, and detention since the Taliban's takeover in 2021.


The Oppression of Women Under a Tablian Rule


Taliban's treatment of women and girls in Afghanistan includes denying them higher education and prohibiting them from working. The Taliban imposes their interpretation of Islamic Sharia law to suppress the rights and freedoms of women. Taliban women and girls are banned from:


Going to school or studying
Leaving the house without a male chaperone
Showing their skin in public
Accessing healthcare delivered by men
Being involved in politics or speaking publicly.


"Decades of progress on gender equality and women's rights have been wiped out in mere months. We must continue to act together, united in our insistence on guarantees of respect for the full spectrum of women's rights." —UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous.


Source: https://www.unwomen.org/en/news-stories/in-focus/2022/08/in-focus-women-in-afghanistan-one-year-afte...


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It’s saddening when we still see the oppression of women in this way. But two both ends there is a good side and a bad side. In this instant we would consider it to be patriarchy restriction of women. However this restriction have nothing to do with patriarchy but religion. There is a religion that place such strenuous restrictions on women that it affect us to the point we don’t know how to function. But this isn’t showing love and for those women in the ruin of talabian reins of how they see the restriction for what it is. A bunch of men who is afraid of women and use religion to suppress them. 
sometime I wise women understand the power we carry, and the beauty, grace and strength we were created into. 
Unfortunately for us we only see the power restriction of women in the Middle East by power hungry men and what those restrictions are; education, having a livelyhood, Dress code etc. But I’ll stand on the view that women in the west are just as imprisoned although we have the very things that the women in the east crave. The restriction on us is by our own doing.