Understanding the Root Causes Behind the Alarming Rate of School Shootings in the US

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What's Happening in the US?

No specific federal law addresses gun violence in schools, though rules prohibit students from bringing firearms onto campus. Despite these measures, educators and learners continue to live in persistent anxiety regarding their safety. One emerging idea is the arming of teachers to protect themselves and their students. Some Democratic-leaning states, known as the Blue States, are exploring the red flags laws in Republican states.


What are red flag laws?

Red Flag Laws enable a family member or law enforcement officer to request that a judge confiscate firearms from an individual's possession. Currently, only 19 states have implemented such laws. The majority of states only passed this legislation after the 2018 Parkland shootings. It's worth noting that red flag laws provide a short-term solution by preventing access to guns.


What should you expect in the future?

The constitutionality of these gun laws has raised significant concerns. A sharp divide exists between Democratic and Republican states, as the latter's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment grants them the right to bear arms for self-defence. However, opponents of the laws contend that firearms do more harm than good. Every time such tragic incidents occur, US citizens question why such incidents are still happening, as noted by Ashbey Beasley.



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