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Demand that the Government of Saskatchewan Acknowledge the Survivors of Timber Bay School


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For decades Timber Bay School survivors have been denied recognition and compensation by the government due to a series of technicalities. The school operated from 1952-1994 and has been denied designation as an official Residential school because federal funds were transferred to the Province of Saskatchewan who then paid the church(es) to run the school. It has also been denied designation as a Federal Indian Day School because the Timber Bay school is not located within the borders of a reserve, but lies just 18 km outside of Montreal Lake Cree Nation.


2,000 Indigenous children from across northern Saskatchewan attended during the school’s 42 year history. It is also known that several Indigenous children perished while trying to escape.


Despite the years of abuse and trauma endured by individuals forced to attend Timber Bay, school Survivors have received no recognition or compensation as either Residential School or Indian Day School Survivors and remain unacknowledged. The journey to Truth and Reconciliation must include survivors of Timber Bay and their families.


We call on the Government of Saskatchewan to recognize the Timber Bay school as a provincially run Residential School, release the school records to the Survivors, and offer the students of this school a formal apology and compensate the Survivors.


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I thank those who work to provide an opportunity to support the cause 

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Thank you to all continuing the efforts to get this instritution recognized. This shouldn’t be a fight in the first place, but here we are. 

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Timber Bay was just as damaging to children as other schools.  😔 

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Grateful for this opportunity to learn from local leaders and see true allyship in action. The path to reconciliation must acknowledge and include justice for all institutions and individuals who caused harm to Indigenous People across this land, not just the officially recognized Residential Schools. 

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Hiy Hiy 🧡

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Who are and what do these people look like who decide the fate of all Indigenous People. These people are entrusted to make policies, guidelines, concerning residential school? That’s the biggest problem and only problem I think. Who are they? 

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they deserve to get compensation


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I've heard enough testimonies to say, regardless of what it's been called before, Indigenous children were separated from their families and put through a living hell in Timber Bay at this school.  They're still trying to pick up the pieces now and many have already died in that attempt.