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Visionary I

This is a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians can work together to learn, share and develop deeper understanding and connections.  It will also be a space where we can work together to answer the question that always comes up after one of Dwight Ballantyne's presentations ........ "What can we do?" 


Introduce yourself in the comment section and tell us something about who you are.  We are looking forward to the discussions that will take place!


This is a safe space and we encourage everyone to feel free to ask questions, big or small.  We also ask everyone to keep the conversations respectful.  


To learn more about The Ballantyne Project:  www.theballantyneproject.com



Visionary I

Hey I’m Nathan and I live in the UK! I learned about residential schools and the trials and tribulations that the indigenous community endure in Canada through a guide here on revolutionair. It really shocked me and led me down a path of becoming more educated on the issue. I’m looking forward to having some great conversations here and continuing to learn. ✌🏽

Welcome to the group Nathan!  We look forward to great conversations a well.  


Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

Hello! Welcome, we're glad to have you on the platform! My name is Leslie and I live in the US (specifically, Chicago), I'm super interested in becoming more educated on the pressing issues that surround the Indigenous community in Canada but also everywhere! 


Best, Leslie.

Hi Leslie!  So great to have you join us.  We are looking forward to great conversations and being able to work together!

Hi Leslie.  We are so happy to have you join us!