Spreading the Love of Hair- Review of The Hair Tales by Traci Ellis Ross

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!


We wanted to start the year by having a conversation about self-love and acceptance. We came across the announcement of a docuseries by the infamous Traci Ellis Ross called "The Hair Tales" which showcases stories about their hair journey and their growth of self-acceptance as black women. 


In an interview with Uninterrupted, she mentioned how difficult it was to pitch the film because "black women's stories aren't seen as sexy" and "you get home tired trying to prove your self-worth". This spoke volumes to us because as black women, we are constantly bombarded with stories and stereotypes of what is acceptable and beautiful when it comes to hair and beauty. Even though in 2023, we have made steps in the right direction, we are still very far from our curls, coils, and blackness being normal and part of mainstream media. 


That's why it is our focus this year to evoke messages of self-love and acceptance and allow our hair and stories to take up space in this society. 


What are some of the ways in which you promote self-love and acceptance? Let us know below. 




Learn more about the series here: