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How to Post

This community is a space for you and the causes you care about. We encourage you to join conversations and ongoing projects and start your own! 


Use the search bar to find existing posts before you create one. If it doesn't exist yet, you can submit your own in the “Learn” or "Take Action" sections of the cause it applies to. We’ll review and publish your article as long as it complies with the community guidelines.  


Navigate to the lounge to join a conversation of interest or start a new discussion topic. The lounge is a great place to platform projects you’re working on, share hot-takes, kickback and hear from other community members, and debate issues of concern. Share what’s on your mind and encourage others to get involved


Our action library is filled with action items from the Revolutionnaire team and community members like yourself. Head to the action library or petition hub for causes of interest to create and submit your own action items for publishing. Be sure to amplify your action items by sharing the link in the lounge and leverage the community’s support. 


Click here to learn about Idea Exchange and Q&A