Breonna Taylor should be celebrating her 28th birthday today.

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Today we celebrate the life of Breonna Taylor, who would have been 28 and was taken from her loved ones all too soon due to the systemic violence against Black communities by police.

As we continue to shape the spaces and communities to which we belong to be more inclusive and advocate for change, it is important to recognize and celebrate the lives of those who have inspired us to push the fight for equity and justice, but are not here with us to see those dreams fulfilled.




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My heart breaks for Breonna Taylor and her family. Breonna had hopes and dreams like so many of us and was robbed by cops who didn't think her life and future mattered. It makes me so sick - and to think that no one has been charged to this day. Breonna deserves better. 

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Révolutionnaire Team

Sending love to her family today and everyday. The world is painfully unfair and this fight must continue in Breonna's memory. #ARRESTTHECOPSALREADY