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Welcome + Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to Révolutionnaire ! You can introduce yourself to the community in the comments below! Add your name, pronouns, causes of interest and a fun fact! ✨ Here you can meet like-minded people looking to make a difference, learn about issues of in...

Safe Harbor Laws

Safe Harbor Laws allow some level of criminal immunity to sexual assault victims, especially minors. Iowa is one of several states in the U.S. that does not have such laws in place. Because of this, Pieper Lewis, 17 was sentenced to 5 years of superv...

eggs by Contributor II
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What Piece Stood Out To You Recently?

"We are not victims-we are victors, the greatest predictors of progress. We press for change, we push on and act on our responsibility to bring visibility to the most vulnerable, to bring freedom to those who didn't have a choice, to bring volume to ...

Shamona by Contributor III
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The Verdict Of Kyle Rittenhouse: Moment of Reflection

When it came to the final countdown of Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict, the world was on edge. Are the families of the victims going to receive justice? Are we going to finally see the justice system put on a fair trial? Is there finally going to be a tal...

Lperez by Révolutionnaire Team
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This weekend's devastation in Haiti, another vestige of slavery

I can't help but feel pure anger in looking at the devastating images and videos coming out of Haiti following the 7.2 earthquake on Saturday. Haiti was the first Black-led republic and first independent Caribbean state after it defeated French rule ...

NathanW by Visionary I
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Happy Emancipation Day!

Today, August 1st is Emancipation Day. Emancipation Day commemorates the day slavery was abolished and over 800,000 enslaved people were freed across the British Empire in 1834. Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard for Nova Scotia is a social worker, a pr...

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Honor the Memory of John Lewis with Action

A year ago today, we lost a pillar of excellence and power from the Civil Rights Movement. The late and great John Lewis led a life that was more than reflective of his own compassion, resilience, and courage.  His legacy will continue to live vibra...


It's July 1st, but there's nothing to celebrate.

This Canada Day, let’s remember: this country was built on genocide. Today is July 1st, and while in previous years many have donned red and white and passionately celebrated the country and its history, we recognize that there is nothing to celebrat...


The 25th Anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today marks the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. I'm finding myself preoccupied by the work that remains in the name of reconciliation and action especially in light of the recent discovery of children in unmarked graves...

KamilleJ by Révolutionnaire Team
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Happy Juneteenth!

Happy Juneteenth! This Juneteenth, we’re celebrating Black Joy and reflecting on progress made and the path forward.  LEARN: Learn about the story of Juneteenth in @Camille's virtual exhibit, read @maya_simmons's opinion piece on the work that remai...

What did you have to unlearn from your childhood?

As the country reckons with inequality around race, gender, and sexuality, I've found that I've had to unlearn so much of what I was taught as a child. As a closeted queer woman in a conservative Texas family, I was very much raised in a white, patri...

Chavezs by Contributor III
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Révolutionnaire Weekly Recap | June 7 - June 11

Révolutionnaire Weekly Recap | June 7 - June 11 Check out our newest articles this week! 癩 ⚖️ Criminal Justice Reform: @irenekoo Irene posted about the Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice Systems  Environmentalism: @KamilleJ wrote a fundamental ...