Productivity Tips?

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Since getting back to Uni from winter break, it's been tough to feel productive with my academics. I've noticed that I'm more easily distracted by social media and have trouble getting through readings that used to be so easy for me to speed through and easily understand. Does anyone have any tips on how to be more productive in school or work?


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Hey @NathanW I feel like im gong through the same thing. What's helped me is setting screen time timers on my phone that prevent me from being distracted for too long. I found that I spent a lot of time scrolling through tiktok and it was almost addictive and I didnt realize how much time I was wasting. Since putting on the screen time timer  I've been way more productive it basically locks an app if you spend more than 30 minutes on it.

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I usually keep a digital to-do list/calendar, but sometimes when things get hectic or I have less attention span I take a full blank piece of paper and write my work/school/personal to-do list out in bucketed categories. It gives me a different way to visualize what I have to do and then feel good about crossing things off.

Switching locations as much as possible also helps me refocus- even just between a friend's apartment and mine.

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Hey Nathan,

I completely understand what you are going through, I've experienced that feeling before! Usually what has really been helping me as of lately has to be my planner and music, I like to sit down and plan out my days while just vibing to music! Spotify has great lofi playlists! 

Much luck, 


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Hey Nathan! I have also been through periods with dips of productivity. I think figuring out techniques that work for you, like starting your day early, making a plan in advance, making sure you move your body and get outside, etc. can be really helpful.


At the same time, I’ve found it’s also important to cut yourself some slack! Sometimes it’s helpful for me to take a step back, recognize that I’ve been trying to work a ton and realize that I’m not some type of machine and it’s no wonder I can’t focus and work non stop for days on end 🙂 I think once I put that into perspective and ease the pressure, it’s easier to focus on things that are the highest priority, and bump things that are less important to give myself recharge time. 

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Reward yourself for completing small tasks. Putting something at the finish line is always a great motivator