The War , We don’t see

Contributor III

On Sunday morning, I woke up and began my regular preparation for the day. I didn’t check the news, but I did check the cricket score for that day match, completely oblivious to what is taking place on the other side of the world.
Later in the morning I heard the news, Israel was attack unaware while their were preparing for the final feast of the year ( The Feast of Tabernacles), a group was planning to attack the people. It’s 50+ years that Israel was able to claim back their land meaning Israel became a nation again and it’s been a couple of years where every Jewish people were able to go back to that land, no matter their colour or creed, once they identifies as Jews their were able to go back to the land. 
I know there are many debates about who the land belongs to, who Jerusalem belongs to. I know that there are many people against the Israel for various reason. However this is a class and group of people that points to times and seasons. This is a group of people that Hitler purpose to wipe from the face of the earth, this is a group of people that was scattered all over the world until the opportunity came for them to go back to a land that was promise to them. 
Three days later, I’m looking at the news and seeing a group of people fighting for themselves as anyone of us would do, but there is another war taking place. The war of hatred and celebrating cruelty. 
A nation is faced with the cruelty of young women being raped and then murder and we are celebrating it. A nation is being faced with the cruelty of babies being beheaded and we are celebrating that. A people is being faced with genocide and we are celebrating that. 
Then we have the flip side where that nation is withdrawing food and water to other people because of what is taking place. Then I asked myself the question who do you support in this, the simple answer humanity, love, faith and hope. 
We as a people don’t understand the war that is taking place, we see the physical war but we don’t know or see the spiritual one. We don’t understand that the two nation at war is a war between brothers for their father inheritance. We also don’t understand that prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Israel was declare a nation once again in the 1960s and in 2023, the nation of Israel is fighting once again for freedom.
But this war is showing the heart of men, the cruelty that we encourage. For today we stand again violence towards women but when it’s not our nation or our people the violence can take place. Young women can be raped and babies cal be killed ( then again we believe in our bodies, our choice). 
I know many of us don’t believe in the bible or believe in God but at the end of the day, what is taking place is evident in that bible and God that will stand for Israel and stand for love, as much as holiness and righteousness. 
Let’s not be a people who support cruelty because the only winner in this war is humanity and if we can’t stand with the babies being beheaded or the young ladies being raped or the children without food, water or a safe place to sleep, what are we standing for? 


Visionary I

I hate that some norms are "fight to the finish" to come to a solution when a simple negotiation and compromise would safely suffice. I also can't stand the wrong and strong, but I do hope that when they do get that snap of realization...they'd do better; repent and build those they've once tore down. My words cannot explain my feelings.