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How can you be revolutionary this Summer of 2023 and/or going forward OR suggest to someone something they're good at and how they can be revolutionary solo or collaboratively? Go!
Like I said before, this summer, "We outside"!What locations do you think may need assistance from a change maker like yourself, and how would you help?
Hey there,It’s summerrrr a period where cultures and traditions are created, expressed and carried on. I hope we can spend some time connecting and helping each other in any way we can. Never mind that these are some of the hottest days of all time ...
“Drop, hide, don’t make a sound” is beginning to be the first instinct for students in America. There are more guns in the US than people.There are about 393 million privately owned firearms in the US, according to an estimate by the Switzerland-base...
Drastic Approaches To Justice Animal and climate activists are joining forces! Global warming will continue to be a top issue until our actions are consistent with our words and needs. Roger Hallam, the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, pointed out...
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