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So I am hosting my first of many virtual events tonight. It is called the African Arts Festival and it is to raise money for the African Canadian Association of Ottawa.

Im wondering what you like and don't like about virtual events? I know I find it difficult to pay attention when there is no interactive component so polls and things like that make them more enjoyable for me!

Any tips or general feedback from your experiences would be very much appreciated.




So excited for you and the success of your first virtual event! I picked this up from @Leah and absolutely love icebreakers now. I think they're super effective when done throughout events (e.g., at the beginning, in the middle and as a wrap-up). I also love the idea of being able to keep in touch with attendees after events. Creating a Révolutionnaire Group Hub for event participants can be a great to stay engaged with them in between meet ups and turn your audience into a community 💫

Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

This is awesome! I would have to agree with the interactive component, sometimes its hard for me to focus during in person events and virtual makes it even harder! Any time that you can engage the audience will be helpful to keep people excited about the event.

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I always like getting a sense of where people are joining from. Sometimes projecting a map and asking people to use the annotate function can be a cool icebreaker! Hope your event went well!!