What is causing the increase in gun violence victimization in United States?

Contributor II

One of the most lethal gun laws in America, the stand-your-ground law, has a troubling past rooted in systemic racism and the abundance of firearms.


The incidents often rely on laws governing self-defence, such as the "castle doctrine" principle and "stand your ground" laws. It allows individuals to use reasonable force to protect themselves in their homes and on their land against intruders.


Trayvon Martin and Ralph Yarl's story is unlikely to be the last. If no action is taken, the number of shootings will continue to grow in Black and Brown communities, resulting in the needless deaths of young people.




Visionary I

True. Self-defense force should be proportionate to the force used. The number of gun holders in America is terrifying.

Contributor III

Systemic racism is in every area of the legal system in America. Although slavery ended, the judiciary system in America made it so that many black or brown men still ended up in prison ( which is another form of slavery). The idea of needing gun to protect yourself is needless. Many years ago I heard the saying “gun don’t kill people, people kill people”. It’s true, it take a person to watch another person and pull that trigger.  
Let’s take into consideration, a black person can walk in their own home and get shot. What about them asking for help and the result, their get shot. Sitting on the ground doing nothing, and get shot at. We leave in a society where love is not evident and using a gun have the grounds of “it’s self defence”. The question is when to we deem ourself being threatened by another to pull that trigger. Some people are inanity racist or simply see colour and that leads to the gun being used even when it was not necessary. Above all it’s not just whites killing black or brown but what about the black communities and the gang wars, that’s another area of gun violence and young people men losing their lives. But as I said before the law in America is just another form of slavery we refuse to see. 

The main point I want to emphasize is the underlying causes of gun violence. While individuals in possession of firearms certainly constitute a significant factor, there are other influential elements at play, notably childhood experiences. Some of us grew up in neighbourhoods that lacked the same resources and educational opportunities as more affluent areas. Additionally, certain traumatic events, such as early abuse, often leave lasting imprints on our childhood memories. Many of these childhood traumas continue to affect our adult lives, shaping our decision-making based on past experiences. It's important to recognize that gang members and sex workers were once children like us who unfortunately endured traumatic events during their early years, ultimately influencing the choices they make in adulthood.