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Sign This Petition to Help End Period Poverty


Millions of people across the United States can’t afford products to manage their periods with safety, dignity and comfort. In fact, one third of people who menstruate have struggled to purchase period products throughout the COVID pandemic. The inability to pursue adequate menstrual hygiene is a tremendous problem-- it’s a public health crisis, a breach of human rights, and a violation of basic human dignity. Moreover, the inability to afford necessary menstrual products perpetuates cycles of poverty. Many menstruators are faced with the following choice: purchasing food, or menstrual hygiene products. No one should have to make this dehumanizing decision. Not in this country. Not ever. 


Add your name right now to call on our first female Vice President, Kamala Harris to devise a plan that makes menstrual hygiene management products affordable for all those who are homeless or facing food insecurity. Let’s demand that women and girls’ voices are heard so that they can live with dignity. 


Click "Sign" button below to sign this petition.


Click "Learn More" to learn more about period poverty. 

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Hi Zoe,

Thank you for this insightful article and for providing us with an avenue of action! I am definitely looking forward to this issue being addressed to ensure that everyone who needs menstrual products has access to them, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location.