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Petition: Tell Congress to Abolish the Death Penalty 


The Death Penalty is a racist and discriminatory practice unconstitutionally used against people of color, especially as it relates to Black Americans. I demand that Congress commit to passing the H.R. 262 and S. 582, the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act.

The last federal execution to take place was in 2003. Since then, the United States Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons has resumed federal executions (July of 2019) and has executed a total of 16 people, the most in almost two decades.


Of the 16 people murdered by the Trump Administration, 6 were Black and one was a Native American. Many of those executed have requested stays of execution only to be denied by the Federal Courts. All those on death row were executed by lethal injection which the Equal Justice Initiative has resulted in inducing suffocation or drowning and paralysis. The evidence shown constitutes cruel and unusual punishment that the Supreme Court states is completely legal so long as sentencing and trials of innocence are separate and juries and judges take into account a defendant's criminal history.

Sign this petition to demand that Congress act on the Federal Death Penalty and provide true justice for inmates of color.


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