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Exploring Food Deserts

Exploring Food Deserts By: Hannah Pittman Take a second and think about the nearest grocery store to you. Can you walk there? Do you drive to the grocery store? Is there fresh produce and foods availa...


SDG 2 Zero Hunger

  SDG 2 Zero Hunger By: Zoé Solomon Over the past few decades, world hunger had been on the decline… that is, until 2015, when it began to increase. Today, nearly 9 percent of the global population go...


Housing Discrimination in Canada

Housing Discrimination in Canada By: Zahra Mardanyar Housing discrimination often “consists of any behavior, practice, or policy in the public or private sectors that directly, indirectly, or systemat...


The Effects of Food Security on Mental Health

The Effects of Food Security on Mental Health By: Zahra Mardanyar Mental health is feelings of emotional, psychological, and social well-being (CDC, 2018). It is a crucial contributor to our ability t...


Period Poverty & Homelessness

Period Poverty & Homelessness By: Zoe Solomon At any given moment, about 1.8 billion women are of reproductive age. That means that at any given moment, 1.8 billion women could, in theory, be on their...


Canadian Food Price Inflation and the Pandemic

Food Price Inflation and the Pandemic By: Zahra Mardanyar What is food insecurity, and why does it matter? Food security is defined as a state in which "all people, at all times, have physical & econo...


Community Gardens

The Importance of Community Gardens By: Lethan Hampton It's no secret that healthy eating can be expensive. Furthermore, having access to fresh fruit and vegetables is not a privilege everyone can hav...


Informal Settlements and Slums

Informal Settlements and Slums By: Zoé Solomon Today, 1 in 7 people live in a slum, and about 1 in every 4 people will live in a slum by 2030. While three-quarters of slum-dwellers live in Asia and Af...


Impact of Covid-19 on Food Security

Impact of Covid-19 on Food Security By: Lethan Hampton Since the significant outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in March of 2020, millions of people have faced food insecurity worldwide. To prevent the spread of ...


Soup Kitchen + Food Pantries

Soup Kitchens A soup kitchen is a center where the hungry and less fortunate can come to eat free meals. They are usually located in lower-income neighborhoods and staffed with volunteers. Food option...


Homeless Feeding Bans in Houston

Homeless Feeding Bans in Houston By: Lethan Hampton As your parent or guardian comes to a red light, you observe a person laying on the hard concrete with torn clothing and nothing to eat. We have all...



Gentrification By: Jaden Petrus Have you ever noticed how much of the cost of living in heavily populated areas is significantly higher than in places with a lower population? Have you observed the sp...