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Getting the Homeless Employed

By: Lethan Hampton


We’ve all been in a rough spot during our schooling where we’ve had trouble raising our grade in a class. At that point in time, the one thing we needed was for someone to help us out of that slump so that we would develop the motivation to put in that extra work.


Similarily, the homeless population has been through a series of negative experiences that have led them to the situation they are currently in. It is our civic responsibility to ensure that these individuals get a second chance by providing them with resources. However, achieving this is a challenge as there are many factors that prohibit the homeless population from securing a job.


A majority of employers in the U.S.A. require their employees to have a permanent address, which homeless individuals do not have. Along with this, many homeless people lack computers or cell phones, which makes it difficult for their employer to get in touch with them. A lack of clothing, transportation, and hygiene also prove to be hindering factors in not receiving a job position. Many of these hindrances can be eradicated with the work of a large community. However, other factors take much more time and effort. For example, some homeless individuals may have mental/physical disabilities and/or various addictions. Along with getting the proper medicine, it takes a village to be there for these individuals and provide continuous moral support and encouragement.


On the online website of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, several resources are provided for homeless individuals to find housing assistance and employment. They have also provided the contact information of various homeless service providers around the country. The resources are present. It is simply a matter of connecting the intended audience with these resources. 


Something that could be beneficial to implement within the homeless community is a shower system neighboring the metro driving system. Having a set of private shower systems that charge little to nothing allows homeless individuals to clean themselves frequently. Given that this shower system could be implemented next to a metro system, this would eliminate the hindrances of hygiene and transportation, especially if a program was set up to accommodate the homeless population. Although there are several steps to getting the homeless employed, the task can be accomplished by joining together to fully support and guide them along the way.



  • Several factors such as housing, communication, clothing, transportation, hygiene, and mental/physical disabilities often inhibit homeless individuals from finding a place to work
  • Continuous support, love, and encouragement is needed to help this community get back on their feet
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development has several resources to find housing and job opportunities for the homeless
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