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Call Your Representative and Demand They Support the Green New Deal


For the past 150 years, our sea levels have slowly risen. Global warming is one of the biggest problems associated with Climate Change, and this warming is causing our sea levels to grow even faster. 1/3rd of the rise has occurred in the past 30 years alone (NOAA). This is very important because almost half of the world's population lives in relatively high-density coastal towns, and many essential ecosystems rely on coasts. As sea levels rise, it will threaten cities, beaches, important infrastructure, and more. 


You can demand your Representative's support for the Green New Deal Today. Find your Representative's name here.


When you have your Representative's name available, use the "Call" button to be connected to the US House Switchboard. Feel free to refer to the sample call script below. To learn more about Rising Sea Levels click "Learn"


Hello, my name is [your name]. I am a constituent from [state, city, zip code]. I would like to express my support for the Green New Deal bill. I am concerned about rising sea levels, a side effect of global climate change, and I urge [representative] to please support the Green New Deal bill. The effects of climate change endanger our lives, and I feel it is vital for my representative to support change. Can [representative] support this bill? Thank you for your time. 


Be sure to Rev this post after your call and encourage others to do the same.