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The Olive Tree Foundation has launched a fund to support victims of Islamophobic attacks.


In the last 4 months, there have been 7 attacks on Muslim women in Alberta, Canada.


Most of these attacks have been on Black Muslim women specifically. Some of these attacks were violent and have led to the survivors sustaining physical injuries, in addition to the trauma of the experience. 


More often than not, the survivors of these attacks are left to deal with the physical and psychological trauma of the experience on their own - for months, if not years after the attack.  Between physiotherapy and counselling, the expenses add up for services that are not covered by provincial health insurance. 


The Olive Tree Foundation, along with National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and other supporting organizations, is launching this pilot program to support victims of Islamophobic attacks on their journey of healing. The program will provide assistance to survivors nationwide who require physiotherapy, counselling, or emergency support.  


 To donate to the Victims Assistance Program, click "Donate"