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On Sunday 7th August, a spectal was witness in the nation of Canada. The Global T20 finals took place seeing two of the best teams in the tournament varying for the title of Global T20 Champions. A tournament that it's in third season having taking place in 2018 and 2019 before COVID put a halt on the believed game. 

But how did the game of cricket made its way across the ocean to land in the countries of Canada and the USA repectively, nations where there was little prior understanding of the sport.

There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of cricket over the years, sometimes referred to as the "gentleman's game". In spite of its English roots, cricket has spread around the globe and continues to captivate fans around the world.

The game having three main formats; Test Cricket, One day Cricket and T20 cricket have all been amazing spectacular to seen.  Its the T20 format that is now taking the global by storm with tournaments such as the global T20 Canada taking over the cricketing summer. 

But what factors contribute to cricket's rising recognition in these nations;

I believe one such factor is the migration of many cricket lovers from nations such as India, Pakistan, England and the West Indies. These nations have a growing love for the game of cricket and going to countries like Canada and USA where the game was never popular, their love and passion for the game have ignate a need for the development of cricket in these countries. 

On the 30th July the MLC in America concluded with a bang and many Americans hoping that the new summer sports where their get to see players catching a hard ball without gloves on or showing their strenghts to hit fours and sixes or even the celerbrations of the player being about something refreshing and new. This led to the concluion of the Canadian version of the game a mere week later.

But these countries are not just playing the game for only for fun but to be able to put their name amongs the best of the best countries in the world. Canada is hoping to be seen on the big stage of the ICC men's T20 world cup  tournament in 2024 and having their players among the best players in the world give them a leverage to be able to not only read the game but to also gain knowledge about their opponents and experience that's needed to be the best. 

Would cricket become a hit in countries like Canada and USA?


One thing is for sure, Cricket is becoming popular. It's not only becoming popular but it's also a game that many youths are seeing as a way out financially. 


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I will always admire the sport of Cricket. Apart from growing up going to watch live local games and playing with neighbors, my spirit will always be satisfied after hearing the story of a particular historical game when my people finally got to partake in said “gentleman’s game”. 😏