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Sign this petition to advocate for rent stabilization provisions to stop gentrification 


With the flood of developments coming in, rent increases, taxes increase, and the gap between the new cost of living in these areas and an existing resident’s income are huge. This leads to eviction, foreclosure, and displacement of community natives. Gentrification harms individuals and the economy.


In cities like New York with a total population of 8,398,748 people and a total of 4,515 neighborhoods, gentrified neighborhoods are at an increasing 24%. (usnews.com). In San Francisco, the median rent of a typical 2BR apartment went up nearly 70% between 2011 and 2017 (zillow.com). Every night, more than 92,000 people in New York State -- many of whom are women, and many of whom are women of color -- sleep in a shelter 


Sign this petition to require that Rent Stabilization provisions be implemented  to limit the incremental increases of rent prices by renters and ensure that renovations and redevelopments have a limited effect on rent prices. 


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