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Meet A Revolutionary: Daniel Kalichman


On Episode 2 of Meet A Revolutionary in collaboration with Roots, we sit down with Daniel Kalichman - a law student and professional cyclist who is striving to outride racism.


As he aspires to make the sport more equitable, he is excited to support the GLE Movement and their commitment to making cycling more accessible.


The GLE Movement, which stands for Grow, Lead, Excel; is a community based organization, founded by Janice Lowe, that seeks to engage and support youth, teens and young adults in Malton through local community initiatives, resources and networks.


Janice has been an educator in the community for 13 years and has a specialty in Youth Outreach. Her venture into the cycling community was sparked by the pandemic and a lack of bicycles in their school community.


To support Janice and the GLE's work, consider making a contribution to the fundraiser below. Funds will be used to buy bikes, pay for bicycle repairs and buy critical accessories like locks and helmets.