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superego’s chosen iconic influencer of the week is Lorde. The 24-year old artist, known off-stage as Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, has reached many milestones in her relatively short career. Through her artistry and work, Lorde has emerged as a young heroine for fans across generations. By debuting with Pure Heroine at age 16, then curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and releasing a book about climate change this year, Lorde has set herself apart from other young artists. Since we first heard “Royals” in 2013, Lorde has harnessed her diverse talents to help Gen Z know ourselves and find our passions.


When superego first launched, our Joan Didion quote was inspired by Lorde’s homage to Slouching Towards Bethlehem featured in her last world tour for Melodrama. During an interlude in the concert, the large screens on either side of the stage lit up with Didion’s words: “It's a social movement / The themes are always the same / A return to innocence / The mysteries of the blood / An itch for the transcendental.” I respect Lorde’s artistry for her ability to make something seemingly old feel new again, and different. In doing this, she creates her own recipe of nostalgia that I personally love and find inspiring.


Lorde’s work has covered many themes including young heartbreak, coming of age moments, growing up in suburbia, and nature. It’s hard to choose a favorite song, album, or music video from her; quite honestly, they’re all my favorite. I’m currently embracing her new album, Solar Power, for its themes of returning to nature.


What is your favorite song by Lorde? Comment below with your favorite song, album or project by Lorde! 


Révolutionnaire Team Révolutionnaire Team
Révolutionnaire Team

Stunning article, my favorite song from Lorde has to be "Ribs" because it accurately captures a lot of feelings that we as GEN-Z can relate to!


-thanks, Leslie.

Yes Ribs is soooo good! What other music do you like @Lperez ?

Visionary I

I love Lorde!!!!!! My fave song of hers has to be the classic Royals. 😍

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@Stella and @Lperez such great songs! It seems we have some day-one fans of Lorde here, which makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing