Summer Job Opportunities with Future of Engagement

Future of Engagement is tackling the barriers that vulnerable communities face to be effectively represented in government. They provide candidates from underrepresented communities the tools to run effective campaigns and navigate government in Canada.
They have some paid internship opportunities open for the summer if anyone is interested! Follow the links to learn more. 

Community Projects Intern - For someone passionate about building relationships with and supporting underrepresented communities.


Community Research Intern - For someone who is always curious and loves to uncover challenges & barriers that other people experience.


Fundraising Campaign Intern - For someone who is driven, loves to network, and always looks at the world in a positive lens.


Software Engineer Intern - For someone who loves to build and create digital things that solve people's problems in a really creative way.


Visionary I

Hi, thank you for posting this. Are these opportunities virtual or in person?

Hey @Stella! Great Q - they're remote!