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Welcome + Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to Révolutionnaire ! You can introduce yourself to the community in the comments below! Add your name, pronouns, causes of interest and a fun fact! ✨ Here you can meet like-minded people looking to make a difference, learn about issues of in...

🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩Drop some below

This new trend has me thinking about carrying around a IRL. What are some of your biggest ? I'll go first:"I know Black Lives Matter, but..."  "They/them pronouns are difficult"  We hear them everyday...which one's come to mind for you...

NathanW by Visionary I
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🕯 🎃 🍁

It’s officially (tomorrow lol) fall! Anyone have favorite small business to buy candles from? I love love the Chicago-based shop Depart With Art, but am looking for some soy pillar candles that I can put in holders I already have 

Leah by Révolutionnaire Team
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Music Playlist Loading...

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well and I'm excited to announce a music playlist is currently in the works! But to really get the conversation going, could everyone check out the "Q&A tab" in connect so any song gets the chance to be f...

Dark academia images.jpg
Lperez by Révolutionnaire Team
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Howard University Cleanup

Hey there! Calling all Howard students in the D.C. Area. I'm looking to do a cleanup of campus on a Saturday or Sunday. Please like this message if you would like to assist in making a flyer and spread the word for this event.

Lethan by Révolutionnaire Team
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Have You Checked out The Recharged Revolutionary Guide?

We are so excited to have recently launched The Recharged Revolutionary: A Guide for Everyday Changemakers to Recharge with Self-Care in collaboration with Everything She Is Co. Révolutionnaire is designed as a space for you to learn, connect, take a...

Black Representation In Film

The film industry has quickly grown to be one of the most successful, generating millions. Lately many black members of the industry have been asking for what they deserve as they, and many members of the black community at large often feel like they...

Janae_J by Contributor II
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Reflection Moment: RANT, REFLECT & RECHARGE

Based on the current events happening all around the world, we ask ourselves so many questions: WHY is that happening? WHY is the media covering so much horrible news from other countries? WHY are we not doing anything? or more-so, HOW can I help? Fr...

Lperez by Révolutionnaire Team
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Young Moms can prom

Hi everyone! I’m new here, my name is Tashelle, and I just wanted to say I’m thankful for being a part of this wonderful community! @young.moms.can_ was created by a young mom, (myself) realizing that too many times society ostracizes us because they...

Tashelle by Contributor II
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This weekend's devastation in Haiti, another vestige of slavery

I can't help but feel pure anger in looking at the devastating images and videos coming out of Haiti following the 7.2 earthquake on Saturday. Haiti was the first Black-led republic and first independent Caribbean state after it defeated French rule ...

NathanW by Visionary I
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Happy International Youth Day from Révolutionnaire!

  It's like this day was made for us! We are so happy to celebrate youth today and everyday. 樂As teens and 20-somethings worried about the state of our world, we wanted a space where young people can connect, learn, take action, and recharge with th...

Happy Youth Day.png

Révolutionnaire on KMID-TV Texas!

Révolutionnaire Co-Founders @Justice and @Nia + Révolutionnaire Action Leader @Lethan had the chance to sit down for an interview with ABC News and Big2 News to talk about Révolutionnaire as a whole! Make sure to check out this amazing interview and ...

Lperez by Révolutionnaire Team
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Révolutionnaire's IG Live with superego - tonight at 8PM

I'm excited to be going live with @robertgracin and @marinajosephine from superego + Révolutionnaire's EIC @corinnedorsey and co-founder @Nia. We'll be talking about Youth Voices in Activism tonight at 8PM ET on Revolutionnaire's IG (@revolutionnaire...

Révolutionnaire x superego IG Live promo - video V2.png
Justice by Co-Founder
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