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Call your Representative Action Guide

Encourage Révolutionnaire community members to make calls to relevant decision makers on topics of concern. Once you have completed your phone banking action guide, submit DM it to @Révolutionnaire or submit it via email to community@revolutionnaire.co for it to be featured on the community!


  • Instructions:  Tailor the phone script template to your issue and the desired outcome. Identify the stakeholders of interest and include their contact information in your submission to Révolutionnaire.
  • Template:

    • Stakeholder Name: 
    • StakeholderPosition: 
    • Stakeholder Contact information (Phone number): 
    • OPTION 1: Hello, my name is [your name]. I am a constituent from [state / province, city, zip / postal code]. May I speak with someone who works on [issue]? I am concerned about [issue] and urge [lawmaker] to please [desired action (e.g., vote / for against a specific bill or confirmation, sign a bill into law, hold offenders responsible) ]. I don’t need a response, thank you for your time. 
    • OPTION 2: Hello, I am calling on behalf of [individual / group]. I am growing concerned about [issue] and demand that [lawmaker] take action by [explain desired action]. The time to act is long overdue. Urgent change is required today.